“Your support meant we didn’t have to choose between coming to work or finding food resources. The immediate assistance alleviated the stress and allowed us to focus on doing our jobs. Thank you for standing with us.” – Brandon Baity, member of TSA workforce.


Labor’s Community Service Agency led the charge on providing immediate resources to the 9,500 Federal workers in Oregon during the 2019 Government Shutdown. Thank you for your donations to make this support possible!

Now fundraising for LCSA programs, including:

  • Helping Hands Temporary Hardship Assistance: financial assistance programs for working families struggling with medical crisis, layoffs, or other financial concerns. This program focuses on rent, utility and food assistance. 

  • Pre-apprentice Childcare Initiative: removing the childcare barrier for under-represented communities to enter into the lucrative field of construction.

  • Resource Navigator Training: provides effective listening skills to local organizations so they may help those in need. The training also includes a module on effective ways to connect to, and utilize, the vast array of community social services available through 211info.

  • TeamLabor!: volunteer program that provides outreach to low-income, elderly and veterans. This program focuses on home repair services.

Your donations make LCSA programs possible! 

There are two options to donate! 

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2.) Give a one time donation.  You will want to fill in the "other" amount and leave the monthly donation box unchecked.  

No matter how you choose to donate, we are appreciate your support and generosity!

Thank you

HOW TO DONATE? It's as easy as clicking the DONATE button above. Or, if you prefer, you can mail a check to:

Labor's Community Service Agency, Inc.; 9955 SE Washington, Suite 211; Portland OR 97216. 

... and remember: Labor's Community Service Agency is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.