Pre-Apprenticeship Childcare Initiative (PACCI)



Building Trade Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Pre-apprenticeship is a life-changing, tuition-free pathway into the highly-skilled, high-paying construction industry. However, too often, potential candidates for pre-apprenticeship do not apply because the burden of childcare is too great.

The Pre-apprenticeship Childcare Initiative (PACCI) was developed to remove the childcare barrier and encourage entry into the building trades workforce. Our PACCI graduates have entered, or are in the process of entering, IBEW/NECA, the Pacific NW Carpenters Institute, Sheet Metal Institute, and the Ironworkers apprenticeship programs!

Upon completion of OSATC-approved pre-apprenticeship programs, and individual will receive:

  • Preparation for Building Trade Apprenticeships

  • Trade specific certifications

  • Confidence in your future

  • Industry networks and job connections

  • Career mentorship and guidance

Childcare Subsidy

The BOLI-LCSA childcare assistance will cover childcare costs while enrolled in the state-approved programs listed on this page.

Program Details:

  • Program participant is able to choose their own state certified or DHS approved childcare provider

  • Program participant must be enrolled in a OSATC certified pre-apprenticeship facility lasting 4 months or less. Refer to links below.

  • Program participant must be 18 years or older

  • Childcare financial assistance ranges from 25% of costs covered to 100% of costs covered, depending on income level

  • If program participant is enrolled in Employment Related Daycare (ERDC), PACCI may cover co-pay.

Partnering pre-apprenticeship programs


The following pre-apprenticeship training facilities qualify for PACCI partnership:

Oregon Tradeswomen: Promotes success for women in the trades through education, leadership, and mentorship.

Constructing Hope: Encourages self-sufficiency through skilled training and education for people with a legal history, minorities and low-income individuals.

NECA/IBEW Local 48: Nationally acclaimed Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program. Our apprentices learn from the most-respected and experienced instructors in the nation’s most technologically advanced facility.

Portland YouthBuilders: Offers hope and a second chance at success for youth age 17-24 whose experiences with poverty, violence, drugs, hunger and loss have interrupted their route to success.

Carpenter Trades Preparation (CTP): To be a carpenter is to be a member of one of the oldest and most respected trades. You can build a lifetime career in carpentry, if you like working with tools and like to create things. Hammer out a well-built future with training in carpentry.

Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC): Exposes trainees to paid, hands-on learning, classroom instruction, industry recognized certifications, career exploration, and planning.

Ironworkers Pre-Apprenticeship: Ironworkers Local 86. Contact: Greg Christiansen @ 206-244-2993,

Portland Community College Swan Island Trades Center: PCC provides pre-trade opportunities to students who seek careers in the trades or an apprenticeship. These classes are designed to help students build the necessary skills to meet the minimum entry qualifications to enter a trade or apprenticeship program.

CLICK HERE for additional training programs that may qualify for PACCI partnership.

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